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Want to sell your unused IPv4 addresses? Here’s what you should know


If you have a few IPv4 addresses just lying around, not being used, then you should know you’re sitting on something quite a lot of people and companies are scampering to buy. It’s been years since the Regional Internet Registry, or RIR for short informed the world about quite the unfortunate circumstance surrounding the IPv4 addresses in the world: It’s been exhausted. Yup, after decades, the 4 billion IPv4 addresses have depleted due to how many devices are connected to the internet. The need for the IPv4 address space, however, has not been depleted, on the contrary, it is needed now more than ever. If you have unused IPv4 addresses and are deciding to sell, here’s what you should know.

The IPv4 market

It comes as no surprise that the market for IPv4 addresses is going quite well. The IPv4 address space has all been depleted but that doesn’t meet they are all being used. Many people or companies who have IPv4 addresses at their disposable are willing to sell it because it’s not getting any use from them. And because of how much buyers are willing to spend on these address spaces, the prices for them skyrocket each year. In certain places, one IPv4 address can go up to 40+ dollars. If you’re on the fence about selling your IPv4 address space, check out how much it’s worth, you might make up your mind.

The complexities of selling IPv4

The market for IPv4 addresses might be booming and everything, but the whole process of either buying or selling is quite complex. Things such as transferring ownership of the IPv4 address, the RIR’s rules and regulations that are quite strict, and other legal matters and risks are things that people entering this market must consider. Risks that sellers and buyers must look out for other than the legalities are the threat of dealing with a party who is just trying to take advantage of others. Finding someone trustworthy is key, but also quite difficult to find by oneself.

This is why when trying to sell IPv4 addresses it’s highly advised to get into contact with an IP broker. They will know every aspect of the process, so you don’t have to as well as get you into contact with buyers who are in need of IPv4 address spaces. All the complex details that are intertwined with the IPv4 selling process will be managed by the IP broker, which is good news for you, the seller.

Leasing possibilities

If selling your unused IPv4 address space feels too final for you, leasing it out is also an option. Many people in need of those address spaces also rather lease them than buy them, some people need the address spaces temporarily and some just don’t want to deal with the time and effort it takes to buy or sell. Leasing removes many of the complicated processes of buying or selling IPv4 addresses. If you decide to lease, like every leased property, you will get fixed monthly earnings.