3 Reasons Why Poker Has Stayed Popular After Black Friday

Commentators expected Texas Hold’em’s popularity to diminish after Black Friday. With the gambling community rocked by the news Americans can no longer gamble online, there was an expectation poker would no longer be popular. Despite a natural drop in the overall numbers on the back of it, poker is still popular today and growing in many areas of the world. In this article, we explore the three primary reasons why poker has continued to generate billions worldwide every year.

1] Mobile Innovation

In the early days of online poker, we had to resort to playing on personal computer or laptops. This was fine if you were able to invest hundreds in a computer and a fast connection. Fast forward to today though and mobile technology is extremely advanced. The poker sites latched on to this technology and developed apps that allows everyone to play poker from anywhere. This has certainly played a part in the popularity of poker as you can play on a Singapore online casino any time of the day now.

2] Famous Faces

The famous people of the world have a great deal of attention on them. When you see people like Cristiano Ronaldo or Neymar Jr as the face of a brand, you know you’re reeling in a huge number of interested parties. Many young adults (of legal gambling age) watch sports like Football and get exposure to poker through these famous faces. There is no doubt that this promotional activity has enhanced poker popularity and kept it mainstream as it allows poker sites to expand it’s marketing reach.

3] New Variants

The popularity of poker isn’t solely on the ability to bring in new customers. There is a lot to be said for customer retention too. The major sites are no fools, they are mindful that people can burn out from playing the standard poker tournaments and Texas Hold’em cash games. That’s why they have continuously developed new variants of poker to keep the older clients happy. This has worked effectively as games like Pot Limit Omaha are common on all sites.

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