How to Build a Sports Betting App 

The sports betting industry nowadays is worth billions, and a lot of people scrambling to make a profit in the industry whether that be by betting or building a website or app for others to bet. Because of how huge the sports betting industry is there are many websites and apps out there for it, some more trustworthy than others. There are quite a few details that are important regarding the creation of sports betting apps that people interesting in building one should know. If that’s you, keep on reading and learn how to build a sports betting app.


Firstly, you should find out if it’s legal in your country to bet on sports. Look this up online and find out what the rules and regulations are in your country. If you are planning on launching the app in different countries, you will also need to look up the rules and regulations of those countries. You will also need to apply for a gambling license in your country and the countries you want to launch the app. If these legal matters don’t deter you from building your sports betting app, then it would be a smart idea to get in contact with a lawyer for help.

What kind of sport(s) will you feature?

It’s important to have an idea of which sport(s) you want to feature for betting, and if it is more than one, how many? It’s smart as a beginner to start with featuring one sport, and figuring out what team(s) you’d like to feature. It’s up to you how specific you want it. If you decide to focus on football you can feature bets for just the Champions League, for example.

Get a sports API

Sports betting apps require sports data analytics so the users have the option to place a bet according to the information. It’s very difficult, if not virtually impossible, for you to collect that data yourself and luckily you don’t have to. If your betting app is for football and you’re focussing on the Champions League, you are going to need some Champions League data which you can get from the API that’s specifically for it. It’s smart to get a sports API for your betting app, not only is it incredibly useful but it will also show users how professional your app is.

Have the basic but crucial functions

The functionality of your sports betting app is one characteristic that users keep track of to decide whether or not they want to use the app. The admin panel and user panel are two elements that should be simple to find and use. In the admin panel, you’ll have the login/log out button, user management, monetization management, and bookmaker management. In the user panel, the registration/account creation should be there, where users can place a bet, l=the list of bets, wallet, menu, notifications, and more.

Extra functions

These functions aren’t totally necessary to add to your sports betting app, but they do help how profitable your app can be. These extra functions include Live streaming the games people are betting on, having a welcome bonus for new users, including different types of betting, adding a chatroom and commenting section, having it accessible for different languages, and offering customer support 24/7.

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