The Differences Between Online and Physical Poker

Live or online, it’s still the poker you used to play. Players bet and bluff and receive and deliver bad bets in both games. You can also apply the skills you developed in playing live poker online. But, the two still have their differences, which players should be aware of.

Physical poker are usually softer

Usually, a poker tournament or cash game played live is much softer than online. For instance, the average NL25 table is much more difficult than most live NL200 games. It is because many players online learn the game continually using poker training systems. Meanwhile, most live players only play for entertainment and don’t think about improving their game.

Live poker is slower

Players who have played online poker and are switching to physical poker will find it much slower. During an online poker game, players can play on several tables simultaneously and see more than 50 hands every hour at each table. Meanwhile, physical poker is limited to one table and around 20 to 30 hands each hour. The slow pace of live poker can make the players bored and affect their gameplay.

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Online poker is more convenient to play

No one plays a live poker cash game or tournament while wearing pyjamas. You also need to travel to the casino and spend time there. But, online poker offers the convenience of playing poker in the comfort of your home. You can even play poker without leaving your bed.

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Live poker has a better social environment

Some people prefer playing live poker as they can see their friends there. Physical poker also has a better social environment since you can get to know other players face to face. On the other hand, today’s online poker offers an option to chat with other players online.

Live games allow you to observe your opponents

Playing poker live will allow you to pick up much information about your opponents. Live games offer more tells than playing online, from their habits to behaviours. Clues through bet sizing and timing are the only things that can help you decide when playing online poker.

Many strategy tools are available for online players

Among the most significant differences between online and live poker is that online players use different HUDs and strategy tools to decide. Relevant stats for poker are accessible online, which can increase their advantage. Meanwhile, playing physical poker relies on physical reads, memory, and brainpower alone.

Online poker has more variety

It is not easy to find many poker varieties similar to online poker sites. The same is true even for players who play with the best poker rooms at the biggest casinos.

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To summarize, physical and online poker have many differences that most players have never considered before. So, make sure to note them to apply necessary strategies that can give you an upper hand during a game. It is regardless if you choose to play physical or online poker.


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