Blackjack – Using simple math to make value

One of the most popular table games in the casino is Blackjack. Maybe this is because this is an easy game to learn or may feel under control. Blackjack is a game where players input can help determine the final results. Very few people bet the same number of each hand in the play session. Most people change their bets when they feel “lucky.” By paying attention to your hand and knowing some simple facts, you can increase your value – and the amount of money you win.

Let it be known that this article is not about card counting. It’s about knowing some simple facts and realizing how you do in your session to find out the good area to bet more and less.


The following facts (or statistics) are based on a deck. We will build our Blackjack strategy from these facts.

Probability to be handled:

20 is 9% or once per eleven

Blackjack 2.4% or once per forty two hands.

If you can remember these two simple facts, then we can start with our simple strategy.


To win the long term in blackjack, you have to change your bet. If you only bet $ 5 each and every hand, you limit yourself to lottery luck. This strategy is very simple and designed to make you think of another way to play the BlackJack game.

Note that every hand is handled and calculated how long since you handled 20 and Blackjack. Remember, we talk about the first two cards you handle and not what ended up with your last hand. Seeing the facts above, we can see that a player must be handled 20 times per eleven-handed and blackjack once per forty two hands.

These facts are mathematical probabilities and apply in the long run. So, you play the BlackJack game, count the number of hands since your last 20, and you notice it has ten hands. Math tells us that the possibility of receiving 20 in one of the few will come high. This will be a very good time to improve your bet.

Then you notice that you don’t have blackjack in 40 hands. Because the average is one of the forty two hands, the probability of receiving blackjack is immediately high. If your probability receives 20 also high, maybe bet a little more each hand is a good choice.

Proceed forward

This simple strategy is not intended to be the only thing you think at the Blackjack table. This is just a set of facts to stay behind your mind when you make a game decision. When your BlackJack capability develops, you will learn to keep other facts in your mind and learn when the rare moments come perfect for striking and increasing your bankroll. Mathematical numbers apply above the long term, but their short term is subject to wild variants. For example, you can receive two consecutive blackjacks and then receive no more than 100 hands. Continue to play and learn – have fun.

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