Online Poker Tournament – National Poker Series by PokerBaazi to Kick from 13th June

The traditional Poker played in any brick and mortar spaces seems to become an outdated option to play. Thanks to the popularity of the internet based games that are gaining good buzz around the world. We keep on witnessing different types of online poker tournaments keep on organized in the world allowing many to win huge. After all, online poker remains a multimillion dollar industry. When it started in 2003, it earned 82.7 Million USD, while the very next two years, the money raised with the online poker game was not less than 2.4 Billion USD, which is used. Unlike other nations in the West, it took a while to see online poker prospering in India. However, as the buzz for the game prospered, it was no looking back for the players in this country.

Now, we have big and known portals like PokerBaazi which is making all the difference. The portal has the privilege of arranging the first ever online poker tournaments called National Poker Series, which is all set to kick off from 13th June and it will follow a 15 days schedule to complete by 27th June. The tournament comes as a digital debut in India thus allowing different players to access the best of the stage for players. In this way, a wide range of players across the country would be able to compete in the relentless combat of different skill, mental strength and consistency thus allowing people to win gold medals for the first time.

This will be the country’s first ever Gold Championship for the Poker series organized by none other than the biggest poker based portal called The tournament is going to allow the players to enjoy the best time in order to secure the top position of Indian poker landscape. In this way, one can find the card games online allowing people to get the chance to win big. The total prize pool would be reaching at the cost of 15 Crores INR, while the series remains the key landmark seen over Indian poker calendar. One can find more with this game, which include the daily free rolls for the earlier day participants along with the special Sit’N’Go tournament that gives the best to the marquee winners.

In a nutshell, the online games called online poker would become more interesting and rewarding. Checking it over the NPS even on the schedule tab can help in securing the best of the information on different events of the tournament. This June as we see some of the best players coming for the online tournament, one can expect to see some of the best games for online poker at The tournament has much to offer the top players at NPS. The top players would get the chance to represent the country at some of the global events held at Las Vegas in the United States, which is a hub for the casino and gambling world. So, what are you waiting for, visit the site

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