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Why Bonuses For Slots Should Be Bigger At Online Casinos?

Bonuses are a big part of playing casino games on the internet and they provide a great way for players to get more money for free and thus enjoy their favorite gaming options without any stress. As the industry has grown over the years, so have the available promotions and an interesting trend has appeared where slots players receive much higher bonuses than the offers for table games or video poker. There are many reasons for this and it is always good to know which bonuses are available in order to get the best offers.

Standard Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is an offer used by most online casinos to help attract new customers. It is usually only available on the first deposit and the standard offer is 100% up to a few hundred dollars. This should be enough for more players to get started and enjoy a variety of games at the casino.

Standard wagering requirements mean that the bonus amount must be wagered several times before the player can withdraw money from the online casino. This is a string attached to almost every bonus in the business and it is something that users should check out in detail before joining the casino.

Improved Welcome Bonus for Slots

While the average welcome bonus is nice, some online casinos are looking to make it even more appealing for new customers to join and since slots are the most popular games, they focus on this category with significantly bigger offers. As a result, some websites can have a bonus of 400% up to an impressive $10,000 just on one deposit. This means that depositing $200 will generate a bonus of $800 and thus the account balance will be $1,000.

As mentioned, this bonus has an additional string attached since the money can only be used on valid games in the slots category. Oftentimes, the casino will include scratch cards and keno so that players can have a bit more variety. The exclusion of table games is important to keep in mind since playing these games can cause the bonus to become invalid and thus the amount will be deleted.

Customers who only enjoy spinning reels will certainly prefer the higher bonus since more money will mean more spins and thus more ways to win big. The wagering requirements will still apply to the amount but they shouldn’t take too long to meet for a regular player.

Bonuses for Table Games

Some of the best casino sites in India that offer exclusive bonuses just for slots will also include offers for table games. These normally have a lower percentage than the one mentioned previously and there are more valid games on which to use the money. It is important to point out that table game bonuses are not limited just to one category and users should be able to bet on a variety of options that include slots and video poker. For more information and exact list of the eligible games, the terms and conditions of the bonus contain all the details.

Not all casino games are equal

So why can slots bonuses be bigger than table game bonuses? The answer can be found in the house edge and the way the casino uses the promotions. While players can get a much larger amount on one deposit if they opt for the slots offer, they will have to spend more time on the casino, betting on the spinning reels. Not only is the bankroll bigger but it will also take more time for the wagering requirements to be met and so the online casino gets long-term customers by offering them a large bonus when they join.

On the other hand, table games are not generally as volatile as slots so players can expect to win quite frequently, even if the size of the prize is not that big compared to the bet. This lowers the risk of each wager and makes it easier for users to meet the requirements and cash out their prizes if they want to.

For example, blackjack has a low house edge and players win a bet quite often so even a smaller bonus can go a long way towards making a profit. Slots have a higher house edge and the player loses more money on each wager in the long run and this requires a larger bonus to make up for it.

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